PSA: Call to Action! A new television series which will air on Skye 13 is in search of a production crew and actors. Experience in directing, editing and videography is not required as long as you are interested in television production and want to learn. You will be trained to perform the basics nessessary to satisfy your role in the production. The new TV Series is based on three college friends going through life and adventures. Auditions will be held for actors. Build experience by participating!!! This gig is local and non-paid. If interested please email:


Skye Cable XIII, Inc. is the Community Access Provider for the franchise area; a designation made by legal decision of the State of Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. Skye Cable XIII is the sole legal entity responsible for providing community access operations within the cable franchise area. Skye Cable XIII provides residents of Waterbury, Middlebury, Prospect, Wolcott, Plymouth and Terryville with access to non-commercial television programs, governmental and educational programming, as well as production and supporting services. Among the Functions to be performed by Skye Cable XIII are its administration of the facilities and staff utilized in PEG Access Programming; as well as; its coordination and supervision of the Cablecasting Schedule of PEG Access Programming.

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