JCT TV scours the Planet revealing the final revelation, to assist in bringing the disconnected aspects of reality into an harmonious whole.

JTC Television began airing as an official TV Show October 23, 2003 in Waterbury Connecticut on Skye Cable XIII.  Our intent as since the beginning of time, is to leave everything better than the way we find it.

The process is quite simple, the techniques enjoyable, the experience, mind- boggling and infinite. Don’t allow people to insist that you can’t achieve your goals and dreams in the Industry. Because with the persistence , diligence and faith … YES, YOU CAN!

Originality and unique qualities play a paramount role set in stone by GOD, our Supreme Being, our Creator high, to whom all he gifted. Individuality is the key to catapulting you beyond the next level of SUCCESS. You must think outside the box, and maintain the belief that you have the power to create your own World/ Universe. 

When one has the ability and where withal to merge with another and/or others, and create a climate, whereby you combine forces directed toward one common goal or objective, players commonly defined as a “TEAM”. Disregard anyone or Anything that leads you to become negative in your own existence.

We will continue to expose you to getting ahead with the beautiful science of Universal and Mathematical Magnetism.