3:00PM  – Big A On the Road Again

4:00PM – lgl. Pent Fuego y Poder

5:00PM – Gospel Videos w/ Sister Dee

6:00PM – Latinos en Accion (bi-Weekly)

6:30PM – Saved By Grace

7:00PM – Special Presentations

7:30PM – La Luz del Mundo Hoy

8:00PM – Pastor’s Lab

8:30PM – Faith Generations Ministries

9:00PM – Public Service Programming

3:00PM – Big A Chat Room

4:00PM – Palabra y Reflexion

5:00PM – Tell it Like it Is

6:00PM – Atmosfera de Gloria 

6:30PM – It’s a Family Affair

7:00PM – To God Be the Glory 

7:30PM – What Saith the Scriptures

8:00PM – Special Presentations 

8:30PM – Grace and Truth Ministry

9:00PM -Public Service Announcements 

3:00PM – Big A Bulletin

4:00PM – Salvation Through Grace

5:00PM – Videos Del Recuerdo

6:00PM – Real Talk in the Name of Jesus

6:30PM – Lion Around CT with Carol & Harry 

7:00PM – De Las Tiniebles a la luz Admirable

7:30PM – Losing Weight with Elizabeth

8:00PM – Mundo Actual 

8:30PM – Bjarnhéðinn’s Icelandic Hits

9:00PM – Special Presentations

9:30PM – Central Arts

10:00PM – JCT TV

3:00PM – Big A Keep it real

4:00PM – Everlasting Life Ministries

5:00PM – Word of God TJC Telecast

6:00PM – El Cristo de Los Milagros

7:00PM – Christian Perspective

7:30PM –  Holy Hip Hop Hour

8:00PM – My Waterbury

8:30PM – Naugatuck Valley Viewpoints

9:00PM – Blue Dove Ministries

9:30PM – Public Service Presentations

1:00PM – Revelation of the Testaments

2:00PM – Refuge Church of Christ

3:00PM – The End Bible Study

4:00PM – Big A Bring the World

5:00PM – Hablando Palabra de Dios

6:00PM – Comensando con Jesus

6:30PM – Old Hippie’s Flashback Show

7:00PM – Pound Posse Presents

7:30PM – LaFrance International Evangelical Voice

8:00PM – Iglesia Pentecostal, Jehova es pastor… (monthly)

8:30PM – A Chat with Glendora

9:00PM – Special Presentations

9:30PM – Public Service Presentations 

3:00PM – Big A Gospel Hour

4:00PM – Temple of Praise

5:00PM – The Last Hour

6:00PM – Heroes of Today

6:30PM – On Eagles Wings

7:00PM – JOY Ministries(BI-WEEKLY)

7:30PM – Face of Pro-Life

8:00PM – Special Presentations 

8:30PM – This is Your Bible

9:00PM – Sports Talk 

9:30PM – Songs To Jesus