Scheduling and Events

(Reminder, we are closed on Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day)

6:00 P.M. The Last Hour

7:00 P.M. Sports Talk (LIVE)

7:30 P.M. The Jim Price Show

8:00 P.M. To God Be The Glory

8:30 P.M  A Chat with Glendora

6:00 P.M The Word of God TJC SO Telecast

7:00pm Tea and Cornbread with Shawne and Tracy

7:30 P.M. What Saith the Scriptures

8:00 P.M.A Moment of Truth

8:30 P.M. The Klock Hour 

9:00 P.M JTC TV (Monthly) 4/11, 5/9, 6/13 


6:00 P.M. The Body of Christ Church

7:00 P.M. Real Talk un Jesus Name

7:30 P.M. Lion Around CT w/Harry and Carol

8:00 P.M King’s Path of Success

8:30 P.M The Social Chase (Monthly) 4/12, 5/10, 6/7

Glimmer of Light (Bi Weekly) 4/5, 4/19, 5/3, 5/17, 5/31, 6/14, 6/28

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