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Word of God TJC

 Find Spiritual Encouragement through Biblical Truth, as The God of Heaven uses Apostle Allen and Prophetess Verna to Teach and Preach The Raw & UNcut Word of God FROM God’s Holy Word. 

There are ALSO MANY guests,that God uses us to invite from other Ministries,to be guests on the show to share Spiritual Truth to help the viewers in their Spiritual education, as well. We support The 5-Fold Ministry,according to Scripture’s Standards and examples. And because of that,we are led to help other Ministers that others don’t give a chance to,by inviting them to share THEIR Ministry Gift on TV. Our focal point is Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance from bondage through the Spiritual Information found between the front and back covers of God’s ANOINTED Word: THE BIBLE ! 


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