Latinos en Accion

Latinos En Accion


Latinos En Acción mission is to be the voice of our Latino community and to be the channel through which our Latinos connect to the important events throughout the City of Waterbury and the State of Connecticut.

The show is transmitted every other Monday through Skye Cable Channel 13 from 6pm to 6:28pm. Our hosts and guests discusses an array of topics such as politics, economy, art, sports, development, health, and more…

Being informed is key in our responsibility towards taking action and getting involved in the development of our city and improving our quality of life.

We aim in enhancing the positive contributions of our Latinos and in constructively discussing the challenges that we encounter, so that we all feel inspired to be co-creators of our City’s environment and progress.

Through our Facebook page, we invite you to follow our programming and get informed of our news and events. If you would like to share with us any important information, you are welcome to do so by sending us a message or an email to:

Blessings and positive energies,

Brenda Liz Cotto Figueroa
Executive Director / Producer

Jorge Irizarry
Co-Director / Producer