Skye High Media Club Donate

Skye High Media Club depends on grants and donations through Skye’s Cable XIII’s Community Outreach Initiative

Skye Cable XIII has successfully created and implemented the Skye High Media Club dedicated
to children and teens ages 8-17 who wish to learn all aspects in video production. Our Program includes directing, camera operations, portable equipment, and character generation. We have successfully certified hundreds of adults and children in the last twenty-five years.  We offer a six-week video production course. The program outline is defined below. 

  • Orientation and Short Video Introduction, Operating Studio Cameras and Remote Cameras
  • Audio and Technical Directing
  • Podcast/Vodcast
  • Script Writing and Performing 
  • Record on Live Set
  • Edit Video Production

Our goal is to provide an alternative extracurricular activity for inner city children and
teens interested in video production.

If you would like to donate please mail your donation to ( write ‘donation’ on memo line ) or click this link below to donate via PayPal:


17 Sharon Rd,

Waterbury, CT 06705