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Producer: Heather Bunker
Host: Jim Price
Show: The Jim Price Show
My bio:
  When the duty of freedom calls, how will you respond to her? How will you raise up to meet her? How will you bring a better world for those that do not know or understand freedom? How will your actions bring those real values of freedom into the hearts of many?”
⁃ Jim price 
  Jim is a proud father of four, and has accomplished more then most and experienced just everything the establishment can throw. Designing High-Security Command Centers for the Debt. of Defense to a Youth pastor, Wrestling coach, Football coach, and played on the 2015 National Championship Wichita Mens Rugby Team. 
  Jim started “The Jim Price Show” back in March of 2019. Since then, he has grown his platform, from AM Radio Fm radio, podcast, to syndicate TV, with international reach to CloutHub, Facebook, Youtube, Rumble, iTunes, Spotify, Apple podcast, and just about anywhere you can listen to your favorite shows. 
  Jim’s main goal is to teach life lessons to help better  and ignite the Patriot that is in each of us. 
You can catch Jim Speaking at public events, such as the Reawakening Tour and many others. He has been a leading voice in Kansas to have the Elections re-evaluated and has brought to light many of the issues and faults within our voting system. The Jim Price Show airs Monday-Friday 4-5pm CST and Saturday 7-9 PM CST. Jim talks about current issues local, national, and international.